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Verizon To Offer iPad Come October 28th

Adding more fuel to the fire about a Verizon iPhone, the US wireless carrier has just made the announcement today that it will start selling the iPad. Mind you, this is not the iPad+3G, it is simply an iPad with WiFi. A strange choice, until we look at the facts.
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Netflix on PS3: Disc-free Next Week

Posted by Greg Peters // VP of Product Development, Netflix

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Social Networking Made Simple With

You roll out of bed around 6 or 7 am, wash your face, brush your teeth, get dressed and grab a hearty breakfast.  Normal routine, right?  Then you are off to a great start to your day and you can only hope that everything else falls into place.  Before you head off to your job, you want to tell all your friends, followers and buddies how your day is going but you don’t want to get stuck in that traffic or be late to work AGAIN!   What can you do to save yourself some valuable time?  What if you were able to update ALL of your social networking profiles and status’ with ONE simple email or text message? is the answer! 

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Knowledge is Power

Intelectual Reading for those that seek it.

Who Created Evil?

I really have been struggling to write on a regular basis these days and it is really starting to bother me.  The only way, I feel, that I can get out of this rut is to follow the advice of one of the people I look up to, former Nike CEO, Philip Knight.  Just Do It!  So here goes…

Zeitgeist: Can You Handle The Truth?

Before you watch this, make sure that you have an open mind and heart.  This could change your entire outlook on life.  It’s You’ve been warned…